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Welcome to Day 1 of your Nutrition Challenge

Once you have paid your entry fee of $45 (Due no later than Friday the 10th) I will calculate your numbers based on your weight that you will provide to me, as well as your overall goal. (weight loss/gain/etc) You will need to get measurements done and submit your Before Photos by Nov 10th. (Pictures-Ladies sports bra and shorts/Men-shorts no shirt)

This challenge will be a little different from other challenges! This time around you will take a daily point tally based on the number of Goals you hit each day. (See our last post regarding what those things are). This is based on the honor system. You will hold yourself accountable and in the end the points and results wont lie. So do your best each day. See just how much you can accomplish in one given day. After all this is a life change, I don’t like the use the word Diet..because eating whole foods, some fruits and grains isn’t terrible, it can be quite delicious!

Every Challenge has a workout that you will complete in the first and last week of this challenge. So this week you will need to accomplish the following:

For Time:

Row 1000M, rest 3min, then Run 800M

You will submit two times, one for the row and one for the run. There is no order, so if you would prefer to Run the 800M first, then you will rest 3min and Row your 1000M.

You get your numbers then what??

  • You will need to download either My Fitness Pal(free) or My Macros+ (2.99) to track your macros daily.
  • You will need a food scale (any will work don’t go spend a million dollars on one)
  • Accountability, this is KEY! You need to track every single thing you eat. Even that one bite of ____ that you might have.
  • Check in with Coach Jenn every two weeks (Tuesday’s will be your check in days) for your weigh in! Just send me a text with your weight (Weigh yourself first thing in the morning)
  • Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

Working with the App My Macros Plus:

  • Once in My Macros (Assuming you use this option) you will need to create a sign on etc with your info, it makes you do it..
  • Once your done with that go to settings (Red box , upper right corner)
  • Select “Set Nutritional Goals”
  • Select “Add New Goal”
  • Enter a name for it, maybe include the date as your numbers may adjust as we go… Then input the above macros for your Protein, Carb and Fat intake.


****I also suggest that you create a second goal for your rest days. You will want to consume 20% less of your Carbs on those days… (If you were not given rest day Macros-please disregard)

More info regarding Macro Counting:

  • Flex dieting is scientifically based and has been proven to help athletes reach goals from weight loss or weight gain to performance improvements.
  • Tracking your daily macros will improve athleticism, improve body composition, build body awareness, and educate you as an athlete on multiple levels of nutrition.
  • What is a Macro? A Macro is Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat. These are what you are most concerned about with this challenge.
  • There is no one size fits all macro number. Each person has their own set of macros to reach based upon themselves; which can be customizable along your journey depending on your overall goal!
  • At first weighing and tracking everything will feel overwhelming and a bit much, but I promise you, get through your first two weeks and it will be MUCH easier! Just STICK WITH IT. Or Text Coach Jenn, that’s what I’m here for!
  • Nothing is off limits. Yes, you read that right, but with that being said, remember you are eating as an athlete and have your daily numbers to reach.
  • Your daily goal is to get your macros within +/-5. You do not need to be perfect, just flexible. Give yourself some freedom to try and eat out here and there. We want to allow you to have a better relationship with food!
  • Spread your protein evenly throughout your day, trying to get it in last minute will only make your stomach hurt!
  • Before and 2-3hours after you workout it is ideal to have low fat meals with similar carb and protein in them. This is not a rule, but can help your performance.
  • Everyone will encounter an obstacle or have a bad tracking day. It happens, your human, its ok. Don’t beat yourself up over it, get back on track and remember it’s a challenge for a better you!

 Contact Info:

Coach Jenn 619-743-3937

Email: chippywife20@yahoo.com



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