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You have maybe heard me talk about Meal Prepping and How Planning can REALLY help your first few weeks. Some people in previous challenges would Meal Prep on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s.. Whatever the days are, Meal Prep can be SUPER helpful when you are starting something new.

Things I make most weeks to help me for those on the go nights…This ensures that I don’t just got out to eat, or grab a kids snack, because I know I can quickly toss together something and heat it up and go. Takes maybe an extra min or so on your part.

  1. White Rice ( I make at least 3 cups a week to start)
  2. Roasted Veggies (I usually try to mix and match, asparagus/brussels/carrots/heirloom tomatoes/zucchini/squash/peppers/onions…) You get the idea. I usually do them on a large baking sheet, approx 420 degrees for maybe 15-20 min depending on the veggie. I do not use oil I have a spray 0 calorie thing, then season with whatever you like and bake!
  3. Chicken. Crock Pot, BBQ, Bake, or WOK. Whatever I am feeling. Crockpot is the easiest. I have been doing salsa and chicken and its quite good. You can really do anything, even using enchilada sauce is fun too. Great for tacos, salads, wraps, with rice etc.
  4. Treat. I used to bake one new Healthy treat a week. I still do on occasion but only when I am craving something. This week I am going to test out a 3 ingredient oatmeal cookie. Stay tuned to see if they are good!

Are these meals amazing? Maybe not, but in a pinch I know I am getting in my food groups that matter, and having it there to scoop out and measure real quick makes life easier and I don’t have to rack my brain with what to have or make. SO for on the go, these are my GO TO’s!


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