Daily WOD

FEW Crew 5:45pm

Cycle Box 6pm

Coach Evelyn took the podium in 1st place this weekend at the USA Weightlifting Masters World Cup and San Diego Open! Strong work Coach!

1st place!

Skill: 5 Minutes Double Under Work / Test Max Double Unders in 1 minute *2 attempts Only

For Time:

21-15-9-15-21 *Run 200m after each set (5 runs total)

Shoulder to OH 135/95

Back Squats *same wt

Push Ups

Suggested Mobility: Barbell Quad Roll Out, Samson Lunge Hold 1 min each


  1. Crossfit pride says:

    Drew 28:36(21/15/9)
    Dave 17:33(21/15/9rx)
    Mike 26:45rx
    Jess 31:18
    Sue 18:49(21/15/9)
    Cy 23:40rx
    Holly 25:33
    Mo 26:59
    Mairs 22:54(21/15:9rx)
    Kim 29:53
    Justin 28:13rx

  2. CrossFit Pride says:

    Michele 20:54
    Todd 28:39
    Alexis 25:10
    Hannah 26:24
    Heather 24:08
    Pete 30:52
    Krystin 31:07
    Charlotte 32:03
    Stas 25:23
    Cory 28:50rx
    Kelly 30:49

  3. CrossFit Pride says:

    Katie 26:19
    James 23:49(21/15/9rx)
    Joe 24:10(21/15/9/15)
    Lisa 24:12rx
    Mel 27:45

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