Daily WOD

Attention: Monday, Nov. 12th No 5:30am, all other classes as scheduled

This is the time of year that we get busy with the added “things” that the holidays bring. Plan your week, try a early morning class if you know the afternoon/evening is going to be an issue. Make time for your health (mentally & physically). With the time change (boo) it is darker earlier and the struggle becomes real to want to make yourself go to the gym at 5:30 or 6:30 when it is now dark so if you go home before you come maybe pack your stuff and come straight to the gym, if you are early for your class this is a great time to do some additional mobility/stretching. “Make an effort, not an excuse.”


Cycle Box 6pm

5 Sets of 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Squat Clean + 1 Front Squat (start at 70% and build)

4 Rounds For Time of:

100m Run

10 Pull Ups

10 Power Snatch 115/80

25 Sit Ups

Suggested Mobility: Barbell Quad Roll Out 2 mins, Foam Roll Lats, wtd. Ear to Shoulder Stretch



  1. 0830

    Holly- 55#/ 15:16
    Vicky- 80#/ 16:42
    Mo- 85#/ 15:13
    Stas-175#/ 18:35rx
    Greg- 140#/ 21:30
    Brian- 175#/ 20:58rx

  2. Melanie Clark says:

    Annette 75pr/17:51
    Sue 120/14:21(3)
    Jessica 115/19:58rx
    Aubrey 175/16:07rx
    Matt 205/15:23rx
    Dave 195/13:23(3rx)
    Cindi 85/17:10
    Jen R 80/18:08
    Lisa 140/12:17
    Brodie 135/20:25
    CJenn 1656/altwod
    Sarah 70/19:17
    Liz 110/22:07
    James 205/17:21rx
    Graham Strong work
    CMel 140/11:28mod

  3. 4:30
    Michele 110-140/17:01rx
    Sara 75-105/14:19rx
    KK 155Fs/ 10:57 mod
    Josh 145-205/19:05
    Cory 125-155/13:21
    Katie 55-80/13:27mod
    Jamie 95-135/16:20
    Sammy 225-275/10:12rx
    Megan 105-135/16;00rx
    C. Evelyn 145-185/21:36rx

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