Daily WOD

Cycle Box 6pm

FEW Crew 5:30pm & 6:30pm

Murph Prep

10 Rounds For Time:

5 Strict Pull Up

10 HR Push Ups

15 Back Squats 45/35 bare bar

Every 3 mins. Run 200m or Bike 10 Calories

Start with Run or Bike

Suggested Mobility: 2 mins each Leg Barbell Quad Roll Out, Couch Stretch 2 mins each leg


  1. CrossFit Pride says:

    Butch 20:00mod
    Cindi 42:28
    Dave 26:44rx
    BrianM 26:15
    Mike 23:52rx
    Justin 17:31rx
    Chris 17:27rx
    Kris 29:47
    Alena 33:06
    Mo 29:25
    Mairs worked hard!
    Bill 29:41
    Todd 26:35rx
    Lisa 17:26rx
    BrianW 26:15rx
    Holly NC 8:32/5rnds
    Mark 39;55rx
    Greg 41:00
    Tommy NC 7:26/5rnds
    Lori 35:15
    Pete 36:00
    Dom 35:03rx
    Krystin 31:57
    KAtie 21:55rxwtd
    Cory 20:50rxwtd
    Jon 32:20
    Sara 29:08rx
    Kelly 39:00
    Taryn NC 7:34/5rnds
    James 32:28rx
    Mikayla 34:40
    Michele NC 7:59
    Sammy 23:02rx
    Kyle Work Hard!

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