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Our Second Runner Up!!

Aimee did such a fantastic job with this challenge! She even had a spread sheet ready for me at each check in! Made my job that much easier and I appreciate her doing that! Aimee stuck to the plan, even when she thought it wasn’t working. I am so thrilled for her and her changes! Great job friend! These challenges are truly exciting to do with you all. Seeing you guys hit goals, see changes you thought were not there, and just overall feel better, makes this so much fun for me and the coaches!

Here are is Aimee’s review of the challenge for her! Enjoy!


Was this hard???  Sorta yes, sorta no.  It was challenging for me to change my thoughts on FOOD and the SCALE more than anything during this 6 week challenge.   I have done just about every “diet” you can think of including being very hard core paleo – eating with specific macros in mind was a BIG game changer.  I had never given much thought on how much or in some cases how little I was eating – needless to say basing my meals around macros was eye opening.  

Random things I learned- 

* My first week was both my best (progress on the scale) and my hardest (puzzle piecing macros) – I never thought I would struggle to eat enough – LOL ??!!  I ended up learning that it was easiest to double my lunch time serving of protein – that dramatically helped me to reach the targeted grams of protein and not feel overfull when it is bedtime.

* Beef (in all forms) has a TON of fat….chicken and fish are way easier to eat when you are following macros!

*Shrimp has a ton of sodium…who knew?    Sodium = water retention!

*Fiber is important – need I say more…count your grams of fiber one day and see for yourself…it was shocking how few I was eating.  

*The scale is a sucky tool to measure your progress (especially if that is the only tool you are using)   – I have lived and died by the scale for many years.  A “good” number makes me happy…when I gain weight I feel like a failure.  Thanks to Jenn for talking me off the ledge when the number did not reflect the efforts I felt I was putting in – pictures are HUGE.  When I was doubting that I was making progress…Jenn made me take another picture.  WOW, seeing them side by side was eye opening…I actually was making progress!  It was just not the kind you see on a scale AND it wasn’t evident to me when I looked at myself in the mirror on a daily basis.  

*Fueling your body DOES translate into better workouts and better sleep which gives you more energy overall.  I loved that part…not being tired is a great thing!

Will I keep tracking my macros – in a nutshell YES…yes I will.  The app is easy enough to use; I most likely will not keep tracking all of my numbers on a spreadsheet or who knows maybe I will until I reach my “goal”.   Macros for me became a great framework to make sure that I am eating well – getting enough macros for sure but also keeping my sodium, sugar and fiber in check as well.  

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