Daily WOD


Cycle Box 6pm

Not For Time- 4 sets of:

4-6 Seated SA DB Press each arm

4-6 Strict Pull up

4-6 SA DB Row each arm

Maintain a tempo of :03 sec down on each of these movements.

If you’re developing pull ups, use a box to jump your chin past the bar and slowly lower yourself.

For Time:

15 Thrusters 135/95

200 meters Run

20 Thrusters 115/80

400 meter Run

30 Thrusters 95/65

600 meter Run

Suggested Mobility: Childs pose to Downward Dog 3x 10 secs each hold, Seated Center Splits, Thread the Needle


  1. CrossFit Pride says:

    Jessica 19:35rx
    Sue 19:01
    Todd 19:55rx
    Lisa 14:23rx
    Mike 17:54rx
    Dave 20:31rx

  2. CrossFit Pride says:

    Brian 14:14mod
    Bill 17:56mod

  3. Evelyn Kaiwi-Hernandez says:

    Shawn 14:24rx
    Brodie 16:35
    Michele 15:38rx bike
    Martha 16:36
    Heather 17:55mod
    Kelly 24:35
    Nikki 21:46rx row
    James 14:19 14rx bike
    Sara 15:36 14rx row
    C. Mel
    Jon 18:11 row
    C. Evelyn 19:30 rx bike

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