Daily WOD

NO 5:30am Class

All other classes as scheduled today

Cycle Box 6pm

For the next 5 weeks during the Open, we will be giving you your Squat work for the week every Monday. There are Open Gym opportunities to get it done or if given approval by your Coach (dependent on class size) you may be able to get it done during a class time. We will continue to lift 2 days a week followed by conditioning. Friday workouts will be the CrossFit Open WOD for the week, this may also be a day that your squats would fit into the class time. 

Back squat- 1 set of 6 @65%, 2 sets of 5 @70%, 2 sets of 5 @75%

Front squat- 2 sets of 8 @65%, 2 sets of 6 @70%, 2 sets of 6 @75%

Today’s WOD

For 6 Minutes:

1 Handstand Push Up/ 2 Cal Bike prefered/Row

2 Handstand Push Up/ 4 Cals

3 Handstand Push Up/ 6 Cals…..

Continuing on increasing HSPU +1 Calories +2

Rest 5 minutes

3 Rounds For Time of:
15 Barbell Facing Burpees
21 Power Cleans
200m Run

Round 1 155/105/ Round 2 135/95/ Round 3 115/80

15 Minute Time Cap

Suggested Mobility: Thread the Needle, Downward Dog, Seated Center Splits


  1. Evelyn Kaiwi-Hernandez says:

    Bill 4+6mod /1+36
    Greg 5+10/22:48
    Caren 5+10+5/SQ
    Jess 4+10/2+22rx
    Holly 5+10/2+36+100m
    Coral 5+10 mod/12:28
    Tommy 5+10/19:58rx
    Todd 6+12mod/18:58rx
    Lisa 4/2+36+100 Mrx
    Aubrey 6+6/13:40rx

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