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This challenge has been extremely gratifying for me. Most all of them are, however, this group we have this time has been OUTSTANDING. Everyone is on point, making GREAT progress, and LOVING the change of lifestyle. I think my favorite things I get from you guys are your text messages about your PR’s, or a pair of jeans fitting that hasn’t in forever! Most all of you continue to mention the added energy and strength in the gym and I couldn’t be happier to hear about it! It just goes to show what a change can add to your life, when embraced! I will NEVER grow tired of hearing about your success and even your struggles! I think it is super easy to fall into a funk and feel like you are the ONLY person experiencing it! I am GUILTY of that wholeheartedly. It isn’t a easy pill to swallow when you realize things could be worse, am I right? I will give you a personal example….

This last year has been an interesting one to say the least. I have been counting macros for over 3 years and have gotten help from time to time, as I need it too! I was convinced my eating just wasn’t good enough, changes were not coming quick enough, I wasn’t reaping the benefits..Or was I just completely blind to them? Like most of you I have goals and dreams. Early January I ramped up my training, and to be honest did WAY too much out of the gate and consequently managed to injure myself. I was really a hot mess. Modifying EVERYTHING, no squatting (insert eye roll) I LOVE TO SQUAT and I also HATE to not be able to do what you all do on a daily basis in the gym. What about the OPEN!! It is right around the corner, what if I can not do the movements? I got completely consumed on all the things that could go so wrong in the up-coming months. So it was really hard on me. I managed to allow that to fester and swirl the drain as Coach Mel says. It was a prime time Pity Party of One. Soooo stinking sad and embarrassing, when I think about it now. I had completely disregarded EVERYTHING I had accomplished over the last year, with getting hurt doing too much. I realized this all when I spent about 2-3weeks crying EVERY TIME I left the gym. I am not kidding. Really… (sigh, I know right? its just the gym).

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I absolutely LOVE Crossfit and all that it has done for me and my family. I truly enjoy seeing others succeed and PR and the look on their face when they do something they really thought they couldn’t. That is why I left a day job and became a coach, the “family” that I have gained at Crossfit Pride is something I am passionate about. So…. after being miserable..and I mean miserable, I was called out on my BS and hit with reality. Really Jenn, pull your head out of you know where and remember…this is exercising… I mean really it is. Or therapy, an outlet, you get the idea. Why am I putting SO much on ONE part of my life. I am a mom to two incredible boys, a wife to a man who would do just about anything for me to make me happy, and I have the BEST job ever coaching people like you all! I even bought a few books and read! NO JOKE. If you want to know what those are, just ask me (; Seeing you all accomplish so much helped me remember the little things in life. It reminded me to focus on what can go right and not always whats gonna go wrong.

The whole point to this sob story is I gained perspective on life. Don’t get caught up in what you think you aren’t getting/doing/or experiencing. I know its easy with social media. We tend to compare ourselves to others and think “well how come I can’t do that, but he/she can” I was once told from a coach of mine that comparison is the thief of joy, and she was so RIGHT in So many ways. We all need to sit and be proud of the changes we have made, the sticking to the plan, the not over-doing it at a bbq or party, the days you have where you are spot on with all your stuff. Feel good about those things, don’t push them to the side and think it wasn’t that good. We have jobs, friends, kids, families, we have so many other priorities and we are still choosing to put ourselves first and we should be proud about that. So every day I challenge you all to think of 3 things you like/love about yourself. If you need to write them down do so, say them out loud throughout the day, remind yourself of the good in a situation and not the bad. When you start to do this, you will start to notice the bad doesn’t seem so bad and actually sometimes rather comical.

Every day you have a choice. “Ever single morning make a decision to do your best…..if you do that, you’ll never be disappointed”. It is this quote that I read daily to remind myself that I am doing the best that I can with keeping myself a priority and being smart about what I can and shouldn’t do. This is what is getting me through the Open. I am not defined by my Open scores, it is a workout, with our friends and incredible community , and it is FUN STRESS..  The Open is a reminder that we continue to grow and get stronger and do things we never thought possible. It’s ok to have a bad day and take some time to yourself, but don’t stay there. It is lonely and strength grows during our struggles, so keep trying to better your situation. So with that my friends, do your best, enjoy your week, and Do You For YOU!


  1. Nice post Jenn….thanks for keeping it REAL. Life isn’t always meant to be easy and nothing is perfect…the sooner you learn that and move on the better. Show up every day for your own life and live it to your best for that day – that is winning:-)

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