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Sweet Potato Waffles!!

These can also be made as a pancake if you do not have a waffle iron!

Sweet Potatoes give you fiber! They provide you with other vitamins and minerals that plain white potatoes don’t. So if you haven’t given them a try, why not try them in a waffle or pancake form?


1 sweet potato (about 1.5 cups peeled and grated)

2 large eggs divided

2tbsp coconut flour

1 ripe avocado

2 green onions

1 lime (freshly squeezed

2tbsp cilantro finely chopped

salt and pepper

Hot Sauce

coconut oil cooking spray



Pre-heat waffle iron or griddle, mix in a bowl grated sweet potato, one egg, coconut flour and 1/2tsp of salt.

Spray the griddle or waffle iron with the coconut cooking spray (or one of your choosing). Spoon one half of the sweet potato mixture into the center of the waffle iron. Close the lid and cook for 5-8min or until the waffle begins to turn a golden brown color. Remove waffle and repeat with the second half of the batter.

While the waffles cook, poach or fry eggs. Peel and pit the avocado. Mash together with diced green onions, and lime juice. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Drizzle with hot sauce if you like or chopped cilantro! A whole new way to eat a waffle!


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