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If you are new to Macros, this info could help.

  • I am excited that you have taken this first step to a better you. Proper nutrition is the key to obtaining the body composition, athletic performance, and over all good health that so many of us strive to achieve daily. The purpose of Macro counting is to give you a “way” to eat on a daily basis that will transfer over into your everyday life, activities, and energy levels. With this methodology you can maintain current weight, loose, or gain muscle. Depending on your goal, it can be done!
  • You will need to download either My Fitness Pal(free) or My Macros+ (2.99) to track your macros daily, or you can also hand write your foods daily.
  • You will need a food scale (any will work don’t go spend a million dollars on one)
  • Accountability, this is KEY! You need to track every single thing you eat. Even that one bite of ____ that you might have.
  • Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

Other Important Info:

Here is what you need to do!

  • Once in My Macros (Assuming you use this option) you will need to create a sign on etc with your info, it makes you do it..
  • Once your done with that go to settings (Red box , upper right corner)
  • Select “Set Nutritional Goals”
  • Select “Add New Goal”
  • Enter a name for it, maybe include the date as your numbers may adjust as we go… Then input the above macros for your Protein, Carb and Fat intake. Numbers will be sent out before the challenge.

For those of you that will use My Fitness Pal, the free version will not allow you to fully adjust your macros within the app. There is a way of working around this. You can still enter your food as you go, however, it will give you percentages and you will need to check after entering to see where you are with your numbers throughout the day.

Depending on when you start to use your numbers, weigh yourself, immediately after wake up and using the restroom and record that number.  You can input the weigh under the Body Weight tab in you’re my Macros+ app! This way you have a record and wont forget!

Once you get through your first week, you will weigh in as mentioned above. Text me at 619-743-3937, email me chippywife20@yahoo.com, your progress and I will adjust your numbers for the next week if we see fit.. You contact me with your progress and I will tell you your numbers for the following week. Be patient, sometimes we need to wait a few weeks before changing things. If you hit your numbers every day and stay on track, it will work. Your body doesn’t lie.

Have fun! Text me or Email me your questions (Text is always better)! Make sure you mention who you are as I do not have all of your phone numbers! I do my best to get back to you within a 24hour period. I also will need you to take a before photo (Full front, sports bra and shorts (ladies) or no shirt and shorts for the guys). I will have you to re-take these photos again at the end of the month or longer depending on how things are going.  Also the Nutrition Tab on the website for Crossfit Pride will have recipes and articles and just some basic fun stuff along the way, make sure you check it out! You can look back at all out old posts. If you go to www.crossfitpride.com, click on members, then nutrition you will find the food blog. Happy Reading

Macro Counting Basics:

  • Flex dieting is scientifically based and has been proven to help athletes reach goals from weight loss or weight gain to performance improvements.
  • Tracking your daily macros will improve athleticism, improve body composition, build body awareness, and educate you as an athlete on multiple levels of nutrition.
  • What is a Macro? A Macro is Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat. These are what you are most concerned about with this challenge.
  • There is no one size fits all macro number. Each person has their own set of macros to reach based upon themselves; which can be customizable along your journey depending on your overall goal!
  • At first weighing and tracking everything will feel overwhelming and a bit much, but I promise you, get through your first two weeks and it will be MUCH easier! Just STICK WITH IT. Or Text Coach Jenn, that’s what I’m here for!
  • Nothing is off limits. Yes, you read that right, but with that being said, remember you are eating as an athlete and have your daily numbers to reach.
  • Your daily goal is to get your macros within +/-5. You do not need to be perfect, just flexible. Give yourself some freedom to try and eat out here and there. We want to allow you to have a better relationship with food!
  • Spread your protein evenly throughout your day, trying to get it in last minute will only make your stomach hurt!
  • Before and 2-3hours after you workout it is ideal to have low fat meals with similar carb and protein in them. This is not a rule, but can help your performance.
  • Everyone will encounter an obstacle or have a bad tracking day. It happens, your human, its ok. Don’t beat yourself up over it, get back on track and remember it’s a challenge for a better you!


If you love donuts, ice cream, whatever that one thing is you love, get it. You can make it work in your daily macros by planning that ahead of time, or using it to fulfill your numbers for the day if you have room left. Now, if you have a history of binging this may not be the best idea so you may want to keep these items out of reach for a bit. It is always best to introduce these items one at a time and slowly so that your relationship remains healthy with food.  With that said the idea is to not fully eliminate any fun items, this is not to be a ridged diet and if you take those things completely away its likely setting you up to fail.

If you want to choose your fun items by eating out, keep in mind you are still tracking when you are out. Many times it pays to plan these ahead of time. Most places may have a nutrition guide somewhere online. If you do not have a large weight loss goal, eating out will be fine if you exercise smart choices and portion control!  If you have an instagram you must follow @eatwithbuttersandbarrett (they have a lot of GREAT macro content and info on eating out!) If coffee is your thing check out @themacrobarista he shows you how to still enjoy your Starbucks without over doing it on your Macros! Most of all do your best, you have to want to make a change. It will be hard, it will be frustrating, but consistency is truly the key to making any “diet” or lifestyle work for you. We have to learn to say no to things that will take us off our path and that can be very difficult. Work together and reach out when you need help. Don’t just rely on the scale. We need to look at how you feel, how your workout went, how your sleep is going, how much sleep are you getting, are you managing your stress? There are a gazillion things we have going on that can hinder us from seeing big results. The biggest thing I have learned all these years, is that change will happen, but not overnight. We have to be consistent to reap the benefits.


  • John is new to Macro Tracking
  • He likes to eat breakfast, lunch, before his workout and at dinner (4 meals)
  • His Macros are 187.5g Protein/250Carbs/72.8gFat
  • John takes his Protein 187.5 and divides that by 4 meals= 46.9g per meal.
  • He then takes his 250g Carbs and divides that by 4 meals=62.5g per meal
  • And lastly his Fat at 72.8g divided by 4 meals =18.2g per meal
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