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I would like to thank you all for all the love and support that comes from this family we have created here at CrossFit Pride. As the owner I can proudly say that we have a special group of individuals here that all contribute to what creates us as a fitness community. As with any new year it is your chance to set a goal and to work your rear off to meet that goal. Having a fitness goal and succeeding will roll over into that of our personal lives, creating a more positive outlook and feeling of accomplishment. We sometimes get caught up in our daily routines and push aside things that are important to us because of work, kids or just daily challenges, your workout is your time to build a better you. You walk through the doors here at CrossFit Pride to be greeted by a Coach or friend, put your stuff down and grab a pvc pipe to start getting your body moving. Minute by minute the day is not a thought, it is the moment that becomes your focus. Reading the workout on the board maybe for the first time since it was posted or maybe just trying to determine a plan for what is to come in that hour, comparing the times or weights for the day, finding that person’s name that you chase and having that moment of ” I am coming for ya”. We are all doing this for the same reasons, just at different speeds. We are choosing to be healthier, be stronger, be more confident, be willing to take a chance, get out of our comfort zone and to become happier individuals because we are choosing to do something that we enjoy and makes us feel good in the end (you do enjoy it cause you keep coming back through the doors). That feeling of success when you finish a WOD that was so so terrible while the clock was ticking, That feeling of walking with your head held a little higher cause you rocked that workout!

With that said, I am excited for the upcoming year. I have plans, ideas and wants for our gym. We will continue to provide you with quality coaching and programming to improve your skills and weights, along with improving your fitness and health as an overall. Choose you and your health and have FUN doing it with us at CrossFit Pride. Cheers to 2018


-CrossFit Pride Team


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