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See what I did there! HA! Check-Ins are today. If you are following the blog let me know what type of content you would like to see next week. Recipes? Topics of Discussion? I want this experience to be a good one for all of you and I want to share as much as I can to give you the tools to continue. Comment on this post and you will earn an extra BONUS point for this weeks Challenge!


  1. Holly Hall says:

    Really enjoying this challenge! Recipes would be amazing! I get bored with food easily šŸ˜
    But Iā€™m loving my results so far! šŸ¤—

  2. Cory Boyd says:

    I would like to know good thing to do on a recovery day like stretches, mobility …….

  3. Found it!!

  4. The motivation stuff has been awesome

  5. Kelly Coffey says:

    I struggle to hit the 5 out of 7 buuuuut going into week three my stomach feels flatter and overall Iā€™m starting to feel good. Loving all the shared recipes and tips tricks via GroupMe!!!

  6. We are in this together!

  7. I love the recipes: did the pizza and egg bires from the group text. My question for the weet is, i travel often what tricks do people use to stay on track with food?

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