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We are committed to the members of our community beyond the walls of our gym. Even with limited resources we can keep this community thriving!Stay Healthy, Stay Strong, Keep Moving

Ok so here’s the deal we made this video today to tell you what is going on the things we are working on and how we will communicate BUT… I am not computer techy and this is only working thru Facebook so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just get yourself a FB page. It is really easy, you don’t have to post content on your personal page if you are anti social media but this is 2020 the year on Covid-19 and social media is just real life. Just saying.. so sign up for FB please and go to groups search CFP FO LIFE * yes because CrossFit Pride was already taken(annoying) and then I will receive the request from you to join our group. Call me if you are having an issue 6199852725 we can do this. Love You All!

Here’s a fun video, in the event that you missed me today! https://www.facebook.com/groups/203579157588687/

15 Rounds For Time of:
10 Burpee Over Something * a pillow, a backpack, a 12 pack, a kid, heck a bottle of Vodka we know you have one!

100m Sprint * if you can not map out 100m running in place for 40sec each round works too!

Do your Push Ups these Burpees do not count. Also Shoulder Mobility is your friend we are using the heck out of them!

Doorway Stretch, Wall Stretch, Foam Roll if you have one, Ball Mash * your kids probably have a ball you can use, Thread the Needle *google it if you can’t remember, Ear to shoulder Stretch,

3 sets of 5 YTW shoulder therapy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-TX00NNyE4


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