Daily WOD

CFP, Let’s help out our members! 

James, Mike and Jen R. all have businesses that have made it to the second round of Santee’s Favorites! Our job is to VOTE. Click the link (It is so easy to do!) Vote for our friends. https://santeechamber.com/vote

Mike-  Construction/Contracting Vote for Raceway Electric

Jen R- Entertainment/Media Vote for Off Broadway Live

James- Insurance services Vote for State Farm James Cassady

3,2,1, GO VOTE!


No 9:30am

Mash 5pm

Yoga 6pm

With a Partner- AMRAP in 30 minutes of:

200m Run

3 Bear Complex 135/95

*Each partner completes a full round while other rests, switching off each round.

*Bear Complex= Power Clean+Front SQ+ Push Press+Back SQ+Push Press


  1. CrossFit Pride says:

    Sue/ Matt 12+1rx
    Dave/Maike 14+1rx
    Cindi/ Jen R 11+2
    Katie/ Jessica RX 12+2

  2. CrossFit Pride says:

    Kimberly/Kris 13+50m
    Brian (solo mod) 6+1
    Pete/Lori 13+100m
    Cory RX/Christa 13+2
    Todd/Justin H 14rx
    Courtney/Vicky 12+2

  3. Mike Dombo says:

    Thank you CFP for your support and everyone for your votes!!

  4. CrossFit Pride says:

    ScottL Helen 13:16rx
    Jeff Lift
    James C lift/thurs wod
    Mandy thurs wod
    Liz/Brooke 11+2
    Brodie/Cory RX 14
    Taryn/Sara RX/Heather R 25+2

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