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The Weekend is Here, I Want a Drink?

We have done MANY challenges and the biggest question asked in week one at the weekend is “I want to drink, what do I do?” If this is you, keep reading!

There are two ways to track your alcohol consumption when doing Macros. You can either track it as a Carb source or a Fat Source. Here is how….

Tracking as a Carb: You will need to do a little leg work here on your own to get the info, but it is possible. Take whatever it is that you will be drinking. Mixed drink, beer, wine, etc.. You will need to find the Total Calories for the amount your are consuming (ounces of liquid here). example 16oz beer, 4oz of wine.. you get the idea. Take that Total Calories and divide that number by 4, answer is what you would manually enter into your app for your drink. What if the beer you are drinking has a bar code? Not accurate, sorry. Find the total calories and do the equation above. Example: say my 6oz of wine is 280 calories, then 280/4=70. I would input 70 Carbs only for that drink.

Tracking as a Fat. Say the carb amount is just WAY TOO MUCH, so you don’t have room and need to see if you could enter it as a fat… Take the same method above with finding the Total Calories for whatever drink it is you are having and divide that by 9. Example from Above 280/9=31. Then you would manually enter it as a Fat only.

Many times what tends to happen is people realize just how much it will cost them to have a drink and they opt not to. Now I’m not here to tell you not to drink, you totally can if its something you want to have you will find a way to make it work. Will it effect your progress? It can, It can slow down the progress of body composition and weight loss simply because it turns into sugar and is stored within our bodies to turn into fat at a later time. It will most likely make your subsequent workouts suffer some and your sleep will be interrupted as well. Its a choice, everyone is different and nothing is wrong. With that said, have a great rest of the day and Happy Early Weekend!

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