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Need some motivation? Or insight from a prior Challenge Participant? Not sure you should participate? Read Embriette’s post about her experience and winning our last Nutrition Challenge!

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the challenge. I’d talked to other people who had done past challenges, or had counted macros in other circumstances, and everyone was incredibly enthusiastic. I had a few bad workouts, and it was becoming obvious that despite my best efforts I was not giving myself the right nutrition to sustain my lifestyle. I learned SO much during the process! I learned so many things about many of the foods we normally eat; for example, orange juice is FULL of carbs and I actually cut it out of my diet completely until the end when I had a larger carb intake (I used to easily drink 16 ounces a day-that’s something like 80 carbs!). I also learned that I was not eating enough vegetables, even though I thought I had been making a good effort to do so. And the water? Life-changing. As much as the diet itself, really. I stopped falling asleep on the couch at 8pm, barely to keep my eyes open, and though tired at the end of the day, wasn’t exhausted. Perhaps the most exciting thing that happened during these 45 days in addition to the new PRs for my hang clean and deadlift, was the half marathon I ran-without any training except CrossFit-in under two hours. In fact, it was my third fastest time ever, and my fastest in about 2 years. I felt so strong and light during those 13 miles, I couldn’t believe it! I also can’t believe the transformation my body has gone through, and how much more muscle tone I have. Jen was always available when I had questions, and was really encouraging. I am going to continue counting macros-I am thrilled with the results and look forward to hitting more milestones in CrossFit!


Embriette also writes a blog and has an entry on the challenge if you wanted more detail! Go to: https://medium.com/@embriette/how-to-turn-a-diet-skeptic-into-a-believer-almost-31bd11cb5e29   Next challenge starts Feb. 5th $50 Buy In, Money due by 2/9/18

I will need your email&Phone number (for texting), weight (weigh yourself first thing in the am, after you get up and use the restroom) and if you participated in the Body-Comp truck (not necessary) please also provide me with your body fat %. Once you have paid I will calculate your Macros and send you some information! I look forward to working with you guys!

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