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Your a few weeks in, things are falling into place, you are getting comfortable and have been seeing results so why do you have to be so rigid now? Things are good right?? Yes they are, however, consistency is key to success. You have worked so hard already and a slip here and there isn’t going to kill you in the grand scheme of things; however, you are in a challenge and looking to come out victorious and see just what you can accomplish in 45days. Stay the course so when this is over you know you gave it your all! Here are a few motivation tips for you guys! Incase your needing them! It’t totally normal to go in and out of being motivated, if it was easy we wouldn’t have challenges!

  1. Remind yourself of your “WHY”. Why you started this journey? Was it to loose a few pounds, get a bigger deadlift, fit into those jeans you have been saving? Re-focus on your Why, a lot of times that does the trick!
  2. Talk to some of the other challenge people, trade recipes, talk about frustrations..sometimes hearing someone else and what they are struggling or succeeding in can help you not feel alone or that you are completely human and your not in this thing alone.
  3. Get up and just Go. You know those days when you are not wanting to go to the gym, and you sat on the couch and its so comfy, the weather is cold or raining…Get up and Show Up. You will be happy you did on those days when you are done with your workout. It’s days like that, that help break our usual fallouts. Besides social hour at the gym is always interesting and fun!
  4. Give yourself some Grace. This one is a hard one for most of us. We are our own worst critics. It is easy to compare ourselves to others we see and think we are falling short somehow. Thats not the case at all. If you think about it for a minute. You are seeing others for a snap shot of their day. I love the quote “don’t compare yourself to someone else’s highlight reel”! SO TRUE… and SO easy to do. I am guilty of that as well. We all are. Give yourself some Grace and be grateful for where you are right now! Think of how far you have come. Reflection can help you remember all your leaps and bounds.

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