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I believe that most of you guys are signed up for the Open, which is totally exciting in its own, but to go into this knowing you are fueling your body properly is just the icing on the cake! You will definitely give this open your BEST effort for sure! I mean your nutrition is dialed in and you are all saying you are feeling MUCH better in the gym. As your coach this only excites me to see just how well you do this year! So exciting to see what you are capable and how you all with surprise yourself! With that said, make sure you make time for you, choose good options for your carbs (Rice, Oats, Potatoes, etc), work on the aspect of sleep, and make sure you all are staying Hydrated. Even in the winter months we tend to think we do not need as much because we aren’t sweating like we do in the summer, but that dry cold is still stealing hydration from ya, so keep your water close and drink often!

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