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Happy Hearts Day!!

After our first check in there were some questions regarding certain types of foods, or maybe you mentioned you loved something specific thats hurting your macros or you can’t seem to make them fit? Well here are just a few things I have found and LOVE…

You all can thank Taryn for this one! She loves Ketchup and I do too… I stumbled across a post about this Reduced Sugar Ketchup and the Macros are bomb. All the reviews state you wont miss the added sugar and its ketchup….like FOR REALS.. Go get you some! I am!

Love salads? Dips? Making a sandwich and Mayo wont fit because of the fat? Look no further.. These beauties are AMAZING and actually taste good. Yes! They really do! I’ve made chicken salad and used the Blue Cheese one, fish tacos with the Cilantro one, Salads with the others, and they have a Salsa Ranch one that I love with Alexia Frozen Fries. We do burger night and the FRIES are a MUST! Try them! Target sells them, Vons etc…

This is by far one of my FAVORITE BBQ sauces. I use this with my shredded chicken, bbq chicken pizza, and really this can be used as a dipping sauce too. The macros are good and they have a variety of flavored options. I prefer original, but give it a try.. Sprouts has this brand.

Anyone a fan of Trader Joes? ME!!!! They have some fun stuff and this little wonder is amazing. Worth the $5.99 for the bottle. You can put this on EVERYTHING! Veggies, meats, etc.. Its good guys…

This by far is another Trader Joes Find… I cant do Dairy and really Dairy just ignites inflammation in the body anyways..so who needs it… This Coconut Whipped Cream is super fun and good! Make your coffee a latte! You’ll thank me later!

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