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Vitamins and Supplements…

Some of you have asked me about various vitamins you could potentially be taking, as well as what supplements would be good for the challenge and just overall health!


Personally I do not really take any major supplements. If I am low on protein or time for the day I will use Protein Powder and make a shake. I use Jay Robbs Egg White Protein Powder, found at Sprouts. I do recommend that you find a good multi-vitamin to take daily. This just is good for you and your immune system. Another great addition is Fish Oil or Turmeric. If you scroll through the Nutrition Blog you will find a write up on Turmeric and its MANY benefits. Even a link as to where to purchase it for a reasonable cost. Either will aid with inflammation of the muscles and body.


Lastly…Drink TONS of water! And work to get at least 7-8 Hours of Sleep each night! Your body needs it!

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