Daily WOD

Have you tried looking at your local Sprouts,Target, or Trader Joes for a “healthier” option? There are SO MANY great brands out there now that have higher protein, less fat, and moderate carbs. Typically if there is something I just NEED TO HAVE, I can add that to my day the night before and eat around it. This is that whole 80/20 approach you hear about. Most all meals have a balance of Protein, Carbs, Veggies, and Fats, but sometimes dessert sounds amazing and I just try to make decent choices there. Here are some brands to try the next time your craving some ice-cream!

Yasso (Several flavors, usually around $4-5 a box)

Halo Top (They have added lots of new options for flavors, typically $4 a pint)-they even have dairy free options!

Artic Zero- Usually at Sprouts, in a pint size, around $4-6

Enlighten (found in pints and bars) usually around $5-7

Another relatively affordable option is to make your own! You can slice and freeze a banana or two, and use whatever protein powder you are enjoying right now, and choose a milk (regular, almond, coconut, or oat for example). Its that easy! Here is a general recipe: (Macros will vary based on your protein powder used, so scan your items!)

At home Ice-Cream: One frozen banana (freeze in slices, makes blending easier), 2tbsp (30g) or your protein powder, 3tbsp (45ml) of your choice of milk. Blend and enjoy! (This would be a great “after workout” option!

You can also add other items to your ice-cream depending on flavors your looking for, for example: frozen fruit, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, etc.

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