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Check In’s are tomorrow! Get up, Weigh yourself, send me a text with how your week was, any issues your having, successes, or questions! We are on the home stretch!

Next week we will repeat the Challenge Wod form the first week and see our improvements! That Wod can be done as many times as you like next week….I just need your BEST time and You need to re-do it EXACTLY how you did the first week!

“There’s no ideal body type……it’s about taking what you have and working it” ~unknown

If losing weight was easy, everyone would be in great shape. If gaining muscle was easy, everyone would have muscle in all the right places. If life was easy we would have it all, right?

Wrong, if it was easy we wouldn’t value our challenge and change. We wouldn’t find our strength in our weakness or inside of us when we work for something. Most of all we wouldn’t grow as a person. So much comes from change. The good, the bad, and the great! So don’t fear failure, embrace it. It’s how we learn, pick yourself back up and get to it, whether thats in food, work, or life. These challenges make us who we are becoming. The past is just a road map of your growth and personal success.

Happy Friday Peeps!

Slow Cooker Carnitas with Pork Tenderloin

This Recipe is brought to you by Molly Vollmer….Great meal to make for Chipotle Bowls at home!

2 pounds pork tenderloin, 1/2 onion chopped, 3 cloves garlic minced, 1 jalapeno chopped, 2tsp salt, Juice of one-two limes, Juice of on large navel orange. All ya need is that and a crockpot!

Instructions: Pat the pork tenderloin dry with paper towels.

Combine Rub Ingredients: 1TBSP Olive Oil, 2tsp Ground Cumin, 1TBSP Oregano (Combine these ingredients and rub all over pork tenderloin, place into your crockpot). Top with remaining ingredients, cover, and cool on high 4-6hours or on low 6-8 hours. When done meat will be cooked through and very tender, easily separated with a fork. Remove the tenderloin from the crockpot and shred the meat with two forks, do not discard the juice! Place shredded meat back into the crockpot, mix and serve!

If you want to take it an extra step, after your shred the pork tenderloin, heat a drizzle of oil in a pan, add enough carnitas to cover the surface without crowding the meat. Ladle some juice, cook until the juice has evaporated and bottom of carnitas is crispy! Flip and cook briefly, but not too long, and serve!

This is great as you can add your carbs of your choice, veggies of your choice and fats as well! Rice, sweets, or with avocado and grilled peppers? Endless possibilities! This stuff is truly sooo GOOD! it is rotated on the regular here at home! Enjoy!

This weeks challenge and other fun info!

Did you know that Sweet Potatoes are an immune boosting food? Similar to Carrots, the have Beta Carotene which turns into Vitamin A and helps clean up free radicals in your body. They are also know for making getting older a bit easier in helping out with the agin process. Cut into chunks, lightly coat in an oil of your choice, your favorite seasoning and bake them for a sweet treat!

Garlic is another fantastic item to use when you cook! Did you know that the phyto-nutrients (plant based chemicals) are especially beneficial in battling coronary artery disease and cancers? It is an excellent source of vitamins for the best possible health! WINNING.. Garlic is rich in calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. It also contains Vitamin C which helps the body fight off infection. Who know garlic packed such a great punch! So Many Options!

This weeks challenge, all be it a tad late on being announced, is to research a particular food and find the health benefits! Post your findings to the group on Group Me and ya get some points! 10 to be exact. You have until Wednesday Next week, since I lagged on getting this posted. So YAY, a full week for an easy task!

Don’t forget this up-coming week is the LAST WEEK OF THE CHALLENGE!! This Sunday will be your Second to Last check in! DON’T MISS IT! You all are doing so great! It is awesome to see the PR’s and all your efforts for this challenge in general! I am so proud of all of you! Keep it up!

Are you getting enough Veggies?

One theme this week with check in’s, is the topic no one wants to discuss out loud. Bathroom Activity or Lack there of. Are you one of these people? You are not alone! If prior to this challenge you did not consume enough Protein in your daily diet, this could halt things up. Also, some of you may have discarded the veggie card all together. Don’t tell me if that’s you. Veggies are a great source of fiber and they will assist the digestive system with breaking down the Protein and other items you are consuming on a more “regular” basis. What else helps?? WATER!! All of you should be consuming at least half your body weight in water if not more. This also aids in digestion, as well as, keeps you hydrated, feeling full and helps curve cravings. Fiber is key! You can check your app and see the fiber intake for each day. Women should be around 20-25g Daily. Men 30-35 daily. If you are low on these number slowly incorporate items to help you out. Here is a list of fiber full veggies to add to your meals!

Lima Beans, Acorn Squash, Green Peas, Collard Greens, Artichokes, Butternut Squash, Parsnips, Broccoli, Carrots, Spinach, Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus, and Kale just to name a few! Tomatoes are great, as well as, whole grain breads if you are consuming bread at all.

Benefits to Using the Assault Bike

I know this weeks Challenge created some Groaning…..BUT the Assault Bike can assist your Fitness in more ways than one!

  1. If you are injured and unable to run or row, the assault bike is a great sub for those activities as it provides safe movement with no impact.
  2. It stimulates blood flow, which in turn can assist in the healing process of your said injury.
  3. The cardio aspect alone is huge as it can help break through any plateaus you may be experiencing in your training.
  4. Did you know if you incorporate some interval training on the assault bike you will not lose strength and muscle mass. Pretty cool right?
  5. Lastly, the assault bike can help with mental hurdles. We have all been on that bike and wanted off, right? Training with the bike will help you push those boundaries, all while enhancing your aerobic state.

So yes it sucks, BUT IT GIVES YOU SO MUCH IN RETURN. Get after it peeps! It only makes you better!

Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies

Did you know pumpkin is a veggie? These treats as GREAT for kids too, because they have no idea they are eating a veggie! This recipe is easy to toss together and makes 24 cookies! Recipe courtesy of


15.25oz Box of Devils Food Cake Mix (Chocolate will also work here too), 15oz can of pumpkin (not pumpkin filling), 12oz bag of pumpkin spice hershey kisses (or other similar kisses).


Pre-Heat Oven to 350, In a large bowl combine cake mix and pumpkin until smooth (yes thats it, nothing else added in but those two things), Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, scoop cookie dough onto pan, Bake for 8-10minutes, Remove from oven, allow to cool for approx 1min and add the kisses to the top center of the cookies and transfer to a cooling rack..Then Enjoy!

Macros per cookie! Protein 2, Carb 22, Fat 6

BONUS POINTS! This weeks challenge…For Time: 50/35 Calories on the bike. If you complete this task you get 10points! Top Male and Top Female times will get an extra 5 Points! You can do this as much as you want or once. Up to you, but times are due no later than Sunday close of business! I suggest doing this with someone for that extra push!

Healthy Dessert

Have you tried the Chocolate Cool Whip? If you haven’t you have to be living under a rock. HA HA… Take any servings of Fruit..Personally I am all about the Strawberries this month… Slice them up and get your Chocolate Cool Whip! One serving is 2TBSP, but the macros are TINY allowing you to have a decent size servings to curve that sweet tooth!

Once serving at 2TBSP is Protein 0, Carb 2, Fat 1.5 at 25calories per serving. You can’t beat that with a stick! Anti-Dairy? No Worries I got ya covered…

Introducing Almond Reddi Whip….Yup its a thing.. Macros at 5g a serving: Protein 0, Carb 1, Fat 0.5… They also have a Coconut Reddi Whip…Sitting at Protein 0, Carb 2, Fat 0 (same serving size as the almond). So really there are plenty of options for something fun when you want something sweet!

Are you an Ice-Cream Fan??

I have posted before about this, BUT it is truly a GREAT “cheat” when you want something sweet. The trick here is to input this serving into your app the day before and then eat the rest of the day within your numbers and BOOM…you have a treat of Ice Cream waiting for you at the end of the night! You’re Welcome!

Enlighten, Halo Top, and Yasso brands ALL have some AWESOME options for when you are craving sweets! And they don’t break the Macro Bank!

Enlighten has a flavor, for instance, called “All That and a Bag of Chips” no joke! A serving consists of 1/2 a CUP! Protein 5, Carbs 18, Fat 3 and not to mention you also get 5g of Fiber from your serving! #WINNING

Halo Top! Take your basic Chocolate flavor.. same serving size at 1/2 cup! Macros: Protein 5, Carb 13, Fat 2.5 and Fiber is a tad lower at 2g per serving.

Lastly, Yasso! Don’t want to eat out of a pint? That’s ok.. Yasso has Bars as well as pints. They have a Salted Carmel Bar that is pretty darn good! Macros for one WHOLE BAR is: Protein 5, Carbs 18, Fat 0.5…no fiber in this serving, however, the size of the bar isn’t tiny! It’s pretty Legit!

Target, Vons, Sprouts, and other major stores now carry these products. Are you dairy free?? They all ALSO HAVE DAIRY FREE OPTIONS! WHAT!!!!! Yup! Happy Saturday!

Snack or Light Breakfast!

Love a good bagel? One of my favorite things was a bagel with cream cheese and bacon. Not sure why, but its just plain good! I can not handle dairy anymore, but there is a healthier option!

Everything Bagel Thin (1 whole bagel), Low Fat Cream Cheese (30g is a serving), Two slices of Turkey Bacon!! Replicates the above at a Fraction of the calories and macro nutrients!

Macros for the above sub: Protein: 11.4, Carbs: 27.4, Fat: 7.6. I mean, most regular size bagels are around 45-53carbs just in the bagel!

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