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Treat Hacks…You Can Thank Me Later…

Do you love donuts? Me too..  Target Brand “Archer Farms” has glazed donuts with fantastic Macros, they serve their purpose for a donut treat and at only 8g of fat! #WINNING

Ice-Cream Lover Instead? Check out Yasso Brand, Enlighten, and Halo Top! ALL 3 are GREAT options and guys…..THEY HAVE DECENT AMOUNTS OF PROTEIN in them! #SCORE

Cookie Monster?? I got you… Thinsters, sold at Target and Costco! serving size is 5 cookies (now they are small but oh so good) take your 5 and PUT THE BAG AWAY!

Starbucks Run? Coffee Lover? If you have Instagram and aren’t following the Macro Barista then you are seriously missing out! He posts various Starbucks drinks with all the Macros listed in his posts, even shows you the screen so you know EXACTLY how to order. I have literally gone in and showed the cashier the screen shot and said “I want this” LOL.. Current one I want to try is the Snickerdoodle Cold Brew.. Just with Almond Milk instead of cream as Dairy Hates Me! You will NOT be disappointed!

Pumpkin Spice Basic Lover? Closet Pumpkin Spice person? No worries… I made some cookies recently I found on Pinterest and was shocked at just how good they were and they were hardly ANYTHING in the MACRO department. Best part? My kids loved them and said they tasted like muffin tops.. Now if you don’t like the top of ANY muffin, can we really be friends?? 3 Ingredients, thats IT…

1 Box Spice Cake Mix

1 15oz Can of Pumpkin Puree

1 Cup Mini Chocolate Chips (I used Enjoy Life Dark Chocolate)

Pre-heat the oven to 350. Mix together the cake mix and pumpkin, once mixed fold in the chocolate chips. Use a larger spoon or ice0cream scoop if ya have it, place on a greased cookie sheet and bake for 12-15minutes. Remove from oven and leave on the cookie sheet for approx. 5min then transfer to rack to cool and ENJOY! Seriously, THAT SIMPLE..

Macros: Protein 0.5, Carb 5.2, Fat 1.4 per cookie! I managed to get 24 cookies out of one batch!



Seems to me, after doing several of these challenges over the years there is one common theme I hear. “The weekend is so hard!” Is this you?

I get it, you are good all week and really tried so hard. Maybe you had your check in and lost some weight and your feeling good! Then the weekend comes and you over indulge or you don’t track a whole day, have some drinks with friends, or an unexpected night out. LIFE HAPPENS GUYS and its ok! 

Trust me, if you get on the scale Monday am and freak over a few pounds gained that you had just lost, chances are its all water weight and somewhat inflammation from what you chose to eat over the weekend. With that said it may make your progress slowed, but progress is progress. Recognize what went on over the weekend. Own it. Then move on. I kid you not, each day is a new day. But we have to really try daily. The people who succeed in these challenges are the ones ready for change within themselves. I can give you tools, ideas, recipes, be your sounding board, offer advice and support you 110%, but if your heart isn’t in it, it just isn’t and you may not get what you want out of it. This process works, if you do. Ask around.

Alcohol. How does that fit? How do I track it?…Some of you may of tried to look items up on google or in the app or even my fitness pal and it shows you that glass of wine is 4carbs…Well there is a formula you need to use and you will have to manually add your drink or drinks to your app.

You can add a drink one of two ways. Either as a Carb or a Fat. Not both. If you are going to add it as a fat, you need to determine the total calories for whatever it is that you are drinking. (Sometimes we need to estimate but error on the side of higher than lower-or ASK ME) take those total calories and divide it by 9. Whatever the answer is, is the macro content for that drink. You then manually add it in and it’s tracked.

Now if you decide to track it as a Carb, maybe you don’t have a ton of fat available, take the total calories for the drink and divide that by 4. Whatever that number is, is what you will  input into your app for your said drink. So clear liquids will be lower calories (usually) and light beers will be lower on calories as well, so theres that. BUT if you have questions ask me. That’s what you paid for!

Cheers! to a GOOD weekend!





Think you cant have this while counting your macros? WRONG! This ice-cream has protein and packed with great flavor! And the Serving size isn’t Bad either! Can’t have dairy? They also now have Dairy Free Options….WHAT?!? YUP!


I have seen these popping up everywhere, Sprouts, Costco, Aldi, Vons, and other grocery stores. GO GET SOME AND TRY IT!





2.4 On the Bike

If you absolutely cannot get to a bike (we have a few non-members doing the challenge) then run a mile for time. You will all need to submit your times for this Challenge Wod to me, via text by 9/23/18 NO LATER THAN 12MIDNIGHT..

We will re-visit this at the end of the 6weeks. 


Also, in the gym we will have a blue basket that contains an index card with your name on it. There will be weekly challenges that you will need to complete in order to get a point for your team. These “challenges” need to be done in the gym and signed off by a coach. Find your card (if I am not there) and get the coach to initial or sign by that week that you completed. You all have been put into two groups. For Fun. Winners get a cool T-Shirt and Bragging rights! So work hard, motivate each other and GET THOSE POINTS!!!


Every Day I’m Brusslin

Jen S, Annette, Cory, Holly, Justin, Jen R, Gary, and Tom


Lettuce Turn Up the BEET

Nikki, Kelly, Rhona, Taryn, Melanie, Chuck, Mikaela, and Sebastian

One last thing…..

Setting Your Nutrition Goal


A few of you had the question of where to put your Macro numbers now that you have them! If you haven’t figured it out already….Here is how..

Open the My Macros+ App

Tap the three dots in the upper right corner

Select App Settings

Click on Set Nutritional Goal

Click on Add New Macro Goal

Give your Goal a name and enter your numbers provided!


Its that simple! The App will then keep those numbers in your main screen and as you add your food in, you will see your numbers decrease. So we want to see you within +/-5. So if 135 is your Protein goal then getting to 130 would be sufficient!

Happy Counting!


COST: $55




Take a chance on YOU with our Nutrition Challenge…. this is what you need to have to me by 9/15.

  1. Before Photo. Ladies please be in a sports bra and shorts. Take a photo straight on, and a side photo. Men, please wear shorts and no shirts, straight on and sideways.
  2. What is your goal? Weight Loss? Maintain? (Maintaining is you are happy with your current weight, but need to clean up your diet)
  3. I need your phone number for the GroupMe app we will be using, if I do not have it already.
  4. Payment. 

You have a week to think about it. ANY questions….just ask! Nothing is silly and I am here to help! I can not wait to see your results! We have had some AMAZING results with past Challenges! Lets see yours!

Not Sure What This Macro Thing Is? What You Need To Know About The Upcoming Challenge!

The purpose of Macro counting is to give you a “way” to eat on a daily basis that will transfer over into your everyday life, activities, and energy levels. With this methodology you can maintain current weight, loose, or gain muscle. Depending on your goal, it can be done!

  • You will need to download either My Fitness Pal(free) or My Macros+ (2.99) to track your macros daily.
  • You will need a food scale (any will work don’t go spend a million dollars on one)
  • Accountability, this is KEY! You need to track every single thing you eat. Even that one bite of ____ that you might have.
  • Check in with Coach Jenn every Friday for your weigh in! Just send me a text with your weight (Weigh yourself first thing in the morning)
  • Most importantly HAVE FUN!!! 

Other Important Info:

Here is what you need to do!

  • Once in My Macros (Assuming you use this option) you will need to create a sign on etc with your info, it makes you do it..
  • Once your done with that go to settings (Red box , upper right corner)
  • Select “Set Nutritional Goals”
  • Select “Add New Goal”
  • Enter a name for it, maybe include the date as your numbers may adjust as we go… Then input the above macros for your Protein, Carb and Fat intake.

****I also suggest that you create a second goal for your rest days. You will want to consume 20% less of your Carbs on those days…

For those of you that will use My Fitness Pal, the free version will not allow you to fully adjust your macros within the app. There is a way of working around this. Please let me know if this is the route you choose..

Every Friday weigh yourself, immediately after wake up and using the restroom. You can input the weigh under the Body Weight tab in you’re my Macros+ app! This way you have a record and wont forget!

Once you get through your first week, Friday-Friday you will weigh in as mentioned above. Text me at 619-743-3937, email me, your progress and I will adjust your numbers for the next week if we see fit. So Friday’s will be our check in days. You contact me with your progress and I will tell you your numbers for the following week. Be patient, sometimes we need to wait a week or two before changing things. If you hit your numbers every day and stay on track, it will work. Your body doesn’t lie.

Have fun! Text me or Email me your questions! Make sure you mention who you are as I do not have all of your phone numbers! I suggest taking a before photo (Full front, sports bra and shorts (ladies) or no shirt and shorts for the guys). I will encourage you to re-take these photos again at the end of the month or longer depending on how things are going. Also the Nutrition Tab on the website for Crossfit Pride will have recipes and articles and just some basic fun stuff along the way, make sure you check it out! You can look back at all out old posts. If you go to members, then nutrition you will find the food blog. Happy Reading

One final addition this time around. You will receive a GroupMe app request once we get everyone in for the challenge. I will be using this to contact you all, send you reminders, challenges for the day and you all will have an avenue to talk to each other as well! So I am excited to add this piece to the challenge.

Macro Counting Basics:

  • Flex dieting is scientifically based and has been proven to help athletes reach goals from weight loss or weight gain to performance improvements.
  • Tracking your daily macros will improve athleticism, improve body composition, build body awareness, and educate you as an athlete on multiple levels of nutrition.
  • What is a Macro? A Macro is Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat. These are what you are most concerned about with this challenge.
  • There is no one size fits all macro number. Each person has their own set of macros to reach based upon themselves; which can be customizable along your journey depending on your overall goal!
  • At first weighing and tracking everything will feel overwhelming and a bit much, but I promise you, get through your first two weeks and it will be MUCH easier! Just STICK WITH IT. Or Text Coach Jenn, that’s what I’m here for!
  • Nothing is off limits. Yes, you read that right, but with that being said, remember you are eating as an athlete and have your daily numbers to reach.
  • Your daily goal is to get your macros within +/-5. You do not need to be perfect, just flexible. Give yourself some freedom to try and eat out here and there. We want to allow you to have a better relationship with food!
  • Spread your protein evenly throughout your day, trying to get it in last minute will only make your stomach hurt!
  • Before and 2-3hours after you workout it is ideal to have low fat meals with similar carb and protein in them. This is not a rule, but can help your performance.
  • Everyone will encounter an obstacle or have a bad tracking day. It happens, your human, its ok. Don’t beat yourself up over it, get back on track and remember it’s a challenge for a better you!


Shopping Guide Options:


Chicken breast

Chicken Thighs

Ground Turkey

Ground Beef

Pork Chops/Pork







Greek Yogurt


Deli Meats

Protein Powder

Protein Bars



Coconut Oil

Olive Oil

Other oils





Nut Butters



All Fruit

All Veggies

Brown or White Rice





Beans, lentils, legumes







Most Drinks

Processed Carbs (boxed, crackers, chips etc)


Fill up your cart with items from above and allow yourself a few fun items for moderation. Most fun items as carbs and fat and can be used as filler to meet your macro numbers, assuming you have some to spare.

If you love donuts, ice cream, whatever that one thing is you love, get it. You can make it work in your daily macros by planning that ahead of time, or using it to fulfill your numbers for the day if you have room left. Now, if you have a history of binging this may not be the best idea so you may want to keep these items out of reach for a bit. It is always best to introduce these items one at a time and slowly so that your relationship remains healthy with food. With that said the idea is to not fully eliminate any fun items, this is not to be a ridged diet and if you take those things completely away its likely setting you up to fail.

If you wanna choose your fun items by eating out, keep in mind you are still tracking when you are out. Many times it pays to plan these ahead of time. Most places may have a nutrition guide somewhere online. If you do not have a large weight loss goal, eating out will be fine if you exercise smart choices and portion control! Do your best!



Along the way if you have any questions, problems, need to vent, not sure what to do, just text or email Coach Jenn and we will figure it out! 619-743-3937


  • John is new to Macro Tracking
  • He likes to eat breakfast, lunch, before his workout and at dinner (4 meals)
  • His Macros are 187.5g Protein/250Carbs/72.8gFat
  • John takes his Protein 187.5 and divides that by 4 meals= 46.9g per meal.
  • He then takes his 250g Carbs and divides that by 4 meals=62.5g per meal
  • And lastly his Fat at 72.8g divided by 4 meals =18.2g per meal

I know I posted the Before and After’s on Instagram, BUT they were so amazing I had to share again!! Congrats Cory!


What do you do now??

There are options moving forward! Many of you have stated that this way of eating will continue for you and I could not be happier to hear that! With your last check in numbers, most of you will be okay on those for a couple of weeks. You may have done some research and are looking to try adjusting and such on your own.  If you are still wanting some help, I do offer help. Meaning, check in’s weekly and adjustments. That in itself is $60 a month (Individual) $80 (Couple). I will be able to assist you to  move forward, depending on your goals etc. So it is just like the challenge, where you can contact me as you need and we do our weekly check-ins. In some cases we do measuring and possible WOD’s to track your progress in the gym.

Another option for you is just obtaining numbers. Say you want to bulk for instance, you do not want to check in weekly as you feel pretty good about counting and your accountability. For this, I offer a one time “get your numbers” option at $25 (individual) $40 (Couple). Many of you have asked about adjustments and how to know when you need to do these things and that is what the coaching is for. Adjustments vary from person to person and over the years I have found that it is somewhat of an art. There really isn’t one good answer when it comes to that, as it is truly based on each person. Over the years I have taken some classes and tried several different concepts with Macro counting and have blended them all to what has worked. So in short, it isn’t cut and dry. If that makes sense. At some point your body will also find a weight that it is most happiest with, Macro counting will not always be a constant adjustment. There are several phases we take into account. We can Mass, Cut, and Maintain. So numbers vary depending on your goals. For example, currently my body is most happy between 138-141. I have sat here for the last year or so and found that lighter, I am not as strong and the energy isn’t the same, and heavier I am slower and sluggish. So you have some thinking to do as to what comes next.

There will be more challenges in the future and you are all always welcome to rejoin as well! I have had several members do several challenges. So you are always welcome! You guys seriously did such a great job. It was so fun seeing you change and hit all those PR’s in the gym. Hearing how excited you are about how you feel, how a WOD was, or even you noticing muscle tone has been really awesome! You all have worked so hard, I hope you continue down this road! For now, High Five Cory and each other and a job well done! I couldn’t be more proud!






Ever have a super motivating day only to be followed by a completely crappy day, leaving you wondering why you ever started this in the first place? I have.


In fact right after my blog post about myself and my struggles, I managed to get back to that lame hole of “why am I even doing this”. Interesting how fast that negative mind set can venture into your brain when you least expect it. This last week we started a new program cycle and many of you were thrilled to squat. Myself, not so much. Why? Because I can’t right now. I figured it would be fine and I just modify and no big deal. That was until I went in to do just that. I believe my words that day were “I am never going to be able to squat again”. Real good right? I tell you all to believe in yourself and then I turn around and I am back to my sad pity party. Ugh! Such is life! I even think Taryn was there that day. Whoops! Was that said out loud? lol Soooo.. I had a smaller pity party each time I did a box squat. If you all must know each rep of each set was “great….1…..great…2” no joke! I LOVE TO SQUAT…so there is that. So I did my best to suck it up, modify the crap out of the day and still have intensity in my workout. I think I somewhat accomplished that..

Each day I found I was still irritated, but I really tried to move on from it and not live there. Taking my own advice and realizing this is just how it is right now. Then I got a text from a gym member about my post, not nutrition related and they just reached out just because. It was really nice. Then a few others mentioned it in passing or via text. Funny thing here…I post to this blog each week just about and never really thought much of anyone read it. I mean, I guess because we post here and there and have recipes etc, but never really hear a lot of feedback regarding the content etc. I’ve always wondered if this blog spot helps anyone along the way during a challenge. Then I sat and considered that statement. I, personally, am one to read things, screen shot, try them and tell my friends about them (good or bad). I do not post comments, or rarely try to post a photo of me trying out some new recipe etc. So it hit me, this blog probably gets read and hopefully tried by you all!

Jumping back in where I left off, I had several of you, not just nutrition related comment to me about my post about my own struggles this year. It was very surprising and awesome to hear from you guys, how you related, or just your kind words. I never wrote it to be therapeutic for myself in the first place and quite frankly took a leap of faith in sharing and it really did help me out I think. Haha… By sharing tho, the last two Friday Nights have meant more to me, then you all may know. Both evenings those workouts were Fun for me. Fun to push myself and just see how I could do and hopefully pain-free. You all gave me that “fun” and for so long it had lost its “fun”. I Love Crossfit, those of you that know me, know thats true and I never really seemed satisfied. Its always about what I could of done better, or what I need to work on now. However, those two Friday nights have been flat out fun. I get to workout with Coach Mel (my woobie lol) and I get to have your support. I have so much to be thankful for.  It makes for a really fun night and I am very happy that I was persuaded to still join the Open. I would of been really bummed that I didn’t. You were right.

This challenge has also helped me. I know I have mentioned that before, but it truly has. The random texts I have gotten with your recent continuing Pr’s and accomplishments mean so much to me. The fact that you even thank me for them, makes my heart super full, I almost don’t know what to do with myself. I look at it as you all are doing all of this. I am simply giving you the tools to implement and find your journey, and yet you all felt the need to say thank you. Some of you may think “Duh Jenn”, but I have realized that I can not take a compliment much less a thank you well. Embarrassing right.. My instant awkward feeling is “ummm Happy Birthday?” LOL  All kidding aside, each message I have gotten I have read to my husband at some point, and each one I read I tear up and feel a sense of accomplishment along with you. I LOVE helping people. I LOVE helping you see that you are far stronger than you know or think. I LOVE seeing your push in the gym because the other day someone told you your arms looked amazing or what have you. YOUR need to share these things with me, I have taken and returned the favor. I am really trying to make it a point that if I see something great in someone, I tell them. We should do more of that. The whole pay it forward movement, its quite the thing really. Have you ever had a complete stranger compliment you? It feels good, I don’t care what you say, it does! Hahaha.. So Thank You from the bottom of my heart for making me a better Coach in the process and reminding me to have fun! At the end of the day this is a life long journey. Why be in such a rush, enjoy it.


If you had made the decision to get both scans done, before and after the challenge, please sign up for your appt time and use your code to secure your second scan for the $36. Such a deal! Real time results for all your hard work! They will be at the gym on April 4th, from 4-7pm.


Anyone is welcome to get a scan as well, this is not limited to you all who did the initial scan. Regular scans can be booked and are $49. I encourage you to get one done. The information they provide is really quite interesting!


Go To:

Click Book Appt

Follow the Instructions Provided

Apply the Booking Code: CFP36 if you are doing your follow up scan. If not continue on and book for $49.



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