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I’ve been craving Chipotle this Week!

Even tho I could go actually eat there, as they have a nutrition calculator on their website thats super user friendly, I wanted to make it healthier and do it at home..

Cilantro Cauliflower Rice for the win!


  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • 1 lime
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 handful chopped cilantro


  1. Remove the leaves from the cauliflower, and cut the head in half. Remove the cauliflower from the core so you only have the florets. Place half the cauliflower into the processor and process until only small pieces remain. Remove from the processor and place into a pan. Process the remaining cauliflower repeating the steps.
  2. Mince the garlic and add to the cauliflower in the pan. Cook over medium heat for about 5 minutes, stirring constantly. When cauliflower is slightly toasted, and garlic cooked, remove from heat.
  3. Toss with cilantro and juice from the whole lime.

Add all the toppings! Protein (Chicken, Steak, or Shrimp), Guac, Salsa, Bell Peppers, Cheese, or even Sour Cream if you like! This is build-able for all Macro Numbers and you are getting a good helping of veggies! #winning

6 Days In… How are you feeling?

This first 7 Days can be frustrating and complicated and you are not alone! Generally this process takes a good two weeks to get a good handle on your numbers and meals, so rest assured it gets easier!!

One question that has come up, is having a glass of wine or a beer etc. How do you calculate this and how do we track it?

It requires you to do a bit of research. Figure out how many ounces you are going have, then search for the total calories in that amount of wine/beer… You can track drinks one of two ways. The first is if you decided to track it as a Carb, then take the total calories and divide that by 4. The answer, is the number of Carbs in your drink. If you would rather track this as a Fat, then take the total calories for the drink and divide it by 9. That answer would be your Fat to track for the drink.

In the Macros+ App you will need to manually add the above. All you will track is either the Carb or the Fat. Not both. So you can see how it will fit your day.

The biggest thing to remember is its always better to pre-plan if at all possible. So for instance you know on the weekend you will be going out for a friends birthday…look up the menu before hand and decide what you will have. (Many times nutritional info will be on line…) Add these into your app for that day and then just eat around that meal. This way you have your meal and drink fit for your occasion and you don’t have to feel guilty or like your cheating as you have accounted for it and eaten accordingly.


Remember this is all about being flexible and every day life. Happy Sunday!

Today is the Day!

Welcome to Day 1 of your Nutrition Challenge

Once you have paid your entry fee of $45 (Due no later than Friday the 10th) I will calculate your numbers based on your weight that you will provide to me, as well as your overall goal. (weight loss/gain/etc) You will need to get measurements done and submit your Before Photos by Nov 10th. (Pictures-Ladies sports bra and shorts/Men-shorts no shirt)

This challenge will be a little different from other challenges! This time around you will take a daily point tally based on the number of Goals you hit each day. (See our last post regarding what those things are). This is based on the honor system. You will hold yourself accountable and in the end the points and results wont lie. So do your best each day. See just how much you can accomplish in one given day. After all this is a life change, I don’t like the use the word Diet..because eating whole foods, some fruits and grains isn’t terrible, it can be quite delicious!

Every Challenge has a workout that you will complete in the first and last week of this challenge. So this week you will need to accomplish the following:

For Time:

Row 1000M, rest 3min, then Run 800M

You will submit two times, one for the row and one for the run. There is no order, so if you would prefer to Run the 800M first, then you will rest 3min and Row your 1000M.

You get your numbers then what??

  • You will need to download either My Fitness Pal(free) or My Macros+ (2.99) to track your macros daily.
  • You will need a food scale (any will work don’t go spend a million dollars on one)
  • Accountability, this is KEY! You need to track every single thing you eat. Even that one bite of ____ that you might have.
  • Check in with Coach Jenn every two weeks (Tuesday’s will be your check in days) for your weigh in! Just send me a text with your weight (Weigh yourself first thing in the morning)
  • Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

Working with the App My Macros Plus:

  • Once in My Macros (Assuming you use this option) you will need to create a sign on etc with your info, it makes you do it..
  • Once your done with that go to settings (Red box , upper right corner)
  • Select “Set Nutritional Goals”
  • Select “Add New Goal”
  • Enter a name for it, maybe include the date as your numbers may adjust as we go… Then input the above macros for your Protein, Carb and Fat intake.


****I also suggest that you create a second goal for your rest days. You will want to consume 20% less of your Carbs on those days… (If you were not given rest day Macros-please disregard)

More info regarding Macro Counting:

  • Flex dieting is scientifically based and has been proven to help athletes reach goals from weight loss or weight gain to performance improvements.
  • Tracking your daily macros will improve athleticism, improve body composition, build body awareness, and educate you as an athlete on multiple levels of nutrition.
  • What is a Macro? A Macro is Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat. These are what you are most concerned about with this challenge.
  • There is no one size fits all macro number. Each person has their own set of macros to reach based upon themselves; which can be customizable along your journey depending on your overall goal!
  • At first weighing and tracking everything will feel overwhelming and a bit much, but I promise you, get through your first two weeks and it will be MUCH easier! Just STICK WITH IT. Or Text Coach Jenn, that’s what I’m here for!
  • Nothing is off limits. Yes, you read that right, but with that being said, remember you are eating as an athlete and have your daily numbers to reach.
  • Your daily goal is to get your macros within +/-5. You do not need to be perfect, just flexible. Give yourself some freedom to try and eat out here and there. We want to allow you to have a better relationship with food!
  • Spread your protein evenly throughout your day, trying to get it in last minute will only make your stomach hurt!
  • Before and 2-3hours after you workout it is ideal to have low fat meals with similar carb and protein in them. This is not a rule, but can help your performance.
  • Everyone will encounter an obstacle or have a bad tracking day. It happens, your human, its ok. Don’t beat yourself up over it, get back on track and remember it’s a challenge for a better you!

 Contact Info:

Coach Jenn 619-743-3937




You may be scratching your head, nutrition challenge now?!?! What about Thanksgiving? What
about the holidays? All the treats, the drinks…I can not commit to this now. But we believe
you can.

No one can force you to eat right and exercise, so you must use self-discipline. It’s not always easy, but you can improve your self-discipline with practice, just like you get better at CrossFit the more you train. 

A key to maintaining self-discipline is setting short- and long-term goals that are attainable. Like this nutrition challenge, short-term it is only 6 weeks, long-term it will help you to create a eating habit that becomes a lifestyle rather than a “diet”.

To keep your self-discipline strong, don’t stress over times when you give into temptation. If you did not meet all your numbers for the day or you enjoyed a holiday with out counting any food for the day, forgive yourself and don’t dwell on it. Instead, use these lapses to help you refocus on your goals again. Renew your motivation — you fell off the wagon but now it is time to jump back on and continue striving for your goal. 

With that said this is the PERFECT time to join a challenge and have focus and discipline during a busy and stressful time of year where parties and gatherings are happening often. With counting your macros you are not limited to what you can and can not eat, so you are able to go to parties and enjoy the food and drinks rather than stand in the corner awkwardly eating a carrot and drinking your bottle of water. We are here to help YOU, along with the other participants in this challenge!



Macro based diet

Benefit 1: You will be more likely to stick to your diet.

Most people break their diet because they feel too restricted. With counting macros, you can make room for a few squares of chocolate, a cheeseburger or an ice cream sundae in your diet and still reach your fitness goals.

Benefit 2: You can still go out with friends and enjoy a meal.

Trying to stay on a strict diet and having a social life can be difficult.  With most diets your choices are to either restrict what you eat when you go out, don’t eat at all, or even more embarrassing, bring your own prepared food from home. With counting macros, all you need to do is track what you eat while you’re out or even better, plan ahead. Most restaurants post the nutritional value of their menu online.

Benefit 3: Meal prep doesn’t take as much time.

Many traditional dieters spend hours each week prepping meals. Now that no food is off limits, you have a lot more flexibility in what you can eat. People who count macros fill their kitchen with a wide variety of nutritious foods and a few of their favorite treats.

Benefit 4: You will become more educated about food.

One of the biggest benefits of counting macros is getting more educated about food. As you track your daily diet in your app or food diary, you will learn about the nutritional content of your favorite meals. It may surprise to you learn what little nutritional value some foods contain. While you may not need to track your daily diet for life, you will learn how to make better food choices. In the end, knowledge is power.

Benefit 5: Improved performance in the gym.

My favorite benefit of counting macros is how much it positively affects your performance in the gym. Clients get new personal records often,  have a significant amount more energy and do not crash mid workout.  Most people who count macros claim that they are “allowed” more carbs than they were accustom to and in return fuels them really well and the results speak for themselves.

Benefit 6: It works!

Science and many, many success stories have shown that counting macros works. When done right, you can achieve your weight loss or muscle gain goals. All it takes is a little guidance.


Quality is important when striving to achieve a goal. There is a balance you need to strike between eating clean and eating what you like in order to ensure that you can stick with this diet for the rest of your life without having to make too many sacrifices.

Focus on the process of improving certain aspects and start to form good habits.

Putting pressure on yourself to make your nutrition perfect can cause added stress. Constantly thinking about food or what to cook at your next meal can be unhealthy. Remember stress is both good and bad. Without stressing the body we cannot expect it to adapt. However we want to minimize the unnecessary stress in our life. Nobody can eat perfectly all the time, and what is the perfect nutrition plan anyway?! There is no end goal with perfection. If you break it down and focus on progression, then you will actually achieve things. This will led to increased motivation as you make progress that eventually leads to a better, more awesome you!

How it will work:

Buy-in is $45 ($1 a day)

45 day challenge starts Tuesday Nov. 7- Friday Dec. 22

Needed: Your payment Cash or Check, your weight and measurements will be taken Nov.7 and no later than Nov.10 Before and After pictures will be submitted as well (we can take those or you can send them) 

This challenge we will also be incorporating a points system along with recording your food, you will have this additional point system to help you stay on track and a reason to keep yourself accountable because you will want to earn the most points you can. In the end your points, your progress and your challenge WOD improvement will determine the winner! 

Points- The idea behind the point system is if you are getting the max number of points a day then it should absolutely help you be successful, as long as your nutrition goals are aggressive enough to elicit weight loss. This will help you stay accountable and help create some more competition in our group!

Sleep 7 + hours of sleep is required

Vegetable intake 1-2 servings of veggies within 2 of your meals per day (no lettuce is not a veggie)

Water intake 110/75 oz per day

Macros + or – 5 for all 3 categories (protein, carb & fat)

WOD working out at the gym, mulitple WODs will still only receive 1 point

PRs any personal records achieved you will gain an extra point that day for these

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years as a medicinal herb. Today science has started to back up past claims through studies that show turmeric’s medicinal properties.

Turmeric falls within the ginger family. Ancient medicine used turmeric for its anti inflammatory properties treating conditions like bruises, chest pain and all types of hemorrhaging.

The medicinal proteins within turmeric is called curcumin, which is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory and one of the strongest antioxidants known to man.

Turmeric for Athletes

Every athlete knows the dual effects of pushing themselves a little too hard in an offseason workout, or getting beaten up in a hard fought game. You feel exhausted but euphoric at the same time only to have the residual soreness within the next 48 hours. DOMs (delayed onset soreness) is the muscle soreness or fatigue that follows after an intense workout. It has recently been shown that turmeric is a great weapon to combat that feeling.

The European Journal of Applied Physiology did a study showing that taking an oral dose of curcumin twice daily reduced DOMs-related muscle fatigue after a lower-body workout in healthy men. The study also concluded that the turmeric supplement can be taken orally in pill form or simply use a serving in your cooking. Along with reducing pain and inflammation of the muscles, the test subjects who took the daily supplement also improved in athletic performance versus the placebo group.

The human body has been found capable of consuming 8 grams of curcumin a day without adverse affects, so overdosing shouldn’t be a major concern. Whether you take it as a supplement or use it to spice up your food, you should strive to combine turmeric with a source of fat and/or black pepper. These greatly increase the absorption rate of curcumin, and many turmeric or curcumin supplements contain them.

Because it’s being labeled across the internet as an incredibly powerful “superfood.” Google “turmeric health benefits” and you’ll find thousands of articles claiming turmeric can do everything under the sun. If you believe everything you read, turmeric can supposedly:

  • whiten teeth
  • reduce wrinkles
  • relieve pain
  • thicken hair
  • treat and prevent multiple forms of cancer
  • prevent Alzheimer’s
  • increase weight loss
  • treat depression
  • improve sleep

Here is a link to the Tumeric that I use (Coach Mel) Check it out!

Let’s talk about dinner!

We all have good intentions but sometimes our busy lives just get in the way. There is help! After talking to a couple of our members I found out they had nothing but great things to say about food delivered right to your door, all the ingredients you need and the recipe that tells you how to make it!

Blue Apron

Hello Fresh

Check them out, you can pick meals for 2 or family (4), you can also narrow by Gluten Free or Vegetarian. I was told these meals even make enough that you will have some leftovers. 

This could get you out of a cooking funk or just take some of the stress of deciding what is for dinner, then going to the store to get it. 

Ben and Tia both are using companies to have their dinners/fresh ingredients delivered to their doors, ask them about it!


Our Second Runner Up!!

Aimee did such a fantastic job with this challenge! She even had a spread sheet ready for me at each check in! Made my job that much easier and I appreciate her doing that! Aimee stuck to the plan, even when she thought it wasn’t working. I am so thrilled for her and her changes! Great job friend! These challenges are truly exciting to do with you all. Seeing you guys hit goals, see changes you thought were not there, and just overall feel better, makes this so much fun for me and the coaches!

Here are is Aimee’s review of the challenge for her! Enjoy!


Was this hard???  Sorta yes, sorta no.  It was challenging for me to change my thoughts on FOOD and the SCALE more than anything during this 6 week challenge.   I have done just about every “diet” you can think of including being very hard core paleo – eating with specific macros in mind was a BIG game changer.  I had never given much thought on how much or in some cases how little I was eating – needless to say basing my meals around macros was eye opening.  

Random things I learned- 

* My first week was both my best (progress on the scale) and my hardest (puzzle piecing macros) – I never thought I would struggle to eat enough – LOL ??!!  I ended up learning that it was easiest to double my lunch time serving of protein – that dramatically helped me to reach the targeted grams of protein and not feel overfull when it is bedtime.

* Beef (in all forms) has a TON of fat….chicken and fish are way easier to eat when you are following macros!

*Shrimp has a ton of sodium…who knew?    Sodium = water retention!

*Fiber is important – need I say more…count your grams of fiber one day and see for yourself…it was shocking how few I was eating.  

*The scale is a sucky tool to measure your progress (especially if that is the only tool you are using)   – I have lived and died by the scale for many years.  A “good” number makes me happy…when I gain weight I feel like a failure.  Thanks to Jenn for talking me off the ledge when the number did not reflect the efforts I felt I was putting in – pictures are HUGE.  When I was doubting that I was making progress…Jenn made me take another picture.  WOW, seeing them side by side was eye opening…I actually was making progress!  It was just not the kind you see on a scale AND it wasn’t evident to me when I looked at myself in the mirror on a daily basis.  

*Fueling your body DOES translate into better workouts and better sleep which gives you more energy overall.  I loved that part…not being tired is a great thing!

Will I keep tracking my macros – in a nutshell YES…yes I will.  The app is easy enough to use; I most likely will not keep tracking all of my numbers on a spreadsheet or who knows maybe I will until I reach my “goal”.   Macros for me became a great framework to make sure that I am eating well – getting enough macros for sure but also keeping my sodium, sugar and fiber in check as well.  


Our First Runner Up!

Taylor blew her Baseline Wod out of the water and her transformation was quite evident not only in her photos above, but her performance in her day to day Wod’s has been so fun to watch…Taylor was in the challenge to gain muscle and tone up… Here are Taylor’s words regarding the Nutrition Challenge… Enjoy!


Goal: Maintenance – Gain Muscle Mass 

I love doing these nutrition challenges because it opens your eyes to what you’re capable of achieving. My mindset of Crossfit has changed from being an activity I could do with my husband, to an activity that builds my confidence and betters myself – physically and mentally. These challenges take you through a whirlwind of emotion, but my favorites were of empowerment and pride.


Food-Wise: I learned what they say about eating better is true; your food intake really does make a huge difference. I’m the type of person that doesn’t need a lot of variety when it comes to food, so I found foods that worked and stuck with them. After my weekly check-ins, I would look at my upcoming plans for the week and plan out which 1-2 days would make the most sense to have a cheat meal. I was experiencing improvement during my workouts, but the best part was the vast improvement in my energy level and mood. 

huge THANK YOU to the coaches and the gym’s support for pushing me out of my comfort zone and accomplishing things I never thought were possible!

The Winner….Luis!


I asked Luis to sum up his 6 week experience with the Summer Beach Body Nutrition Challenge and here is what he had to say….


My name is Louie Andrade and I wanted to share my experience in participating in Crossfit Pride’s 6 week Challenge.


For starters, this is my first time ever participating in this type of challenge. This experience made me realize how nutrition is the key to fat loss. Before, I assumed that working out was the most important factor. I thought if you worked out, weight and fat loss would naturally follow.  I was mistaken!


The initial challenge for me was nutrition education as I didn’t know where to begin. I got  a body fat test to get an initial baseline on my current body fat percentage was The information from this test along with Coach Jen’s guidance helped me kick start the program by setting a goal of how many macros I should consume for my specific body type. The first 2 weeks was my biggest challenge as my body was adjusting to my new nutrition plan. I planned my meals in advance and also tracked my food intake via the app My Macros. Meal tracking was also a challenge for me as it was time consuming and required a lot of effort. My family also incorporated healthy eating and we meal prepped family meals, which helped keep me on track and resist temptation. Weeks 3-6, were much easier as I had gotten into a rhythm and my body was adjusting to this lifestyle.


The timing of the challenge was tough as I stayed on the nutrition plan during tempting family foodie events ( Father’s Day and 4th of July). In the end, I learned consistency is key and sticking to Coach’s Jenn’s plan helped me achieve optimum results. I learned the value of nutrition education as foods that I once thought were healthy were not and it was certainly an eye-opening process. I appreciate the Coach Jenn for supporting me through this process and it’s just the start as I plan to incorporate what I have learned in this challenge in my every day life.   


Next time you see Luis, Make sure you give him a high five for his efforts and win!

18 People Started this Beach Body Journey!

10 People Completed it!

There were some AMAZING results in those 6 weeks! The choice as to who would WIN was a close one! So close that I decided we needed to recognize a few people! A Winner and a 1st and 2nd Place Runner Up. 

These individuals made huge strides with their Macro counting and sticking to the plan! Their photos prove that! More to come about the challenge and how they felt about it in a later post!

But for now, Let’s Celebrate them!!

The Winner: Luis!! $150

1st Place Runner Up: Taylor! $75

2nd Place Runner Up: Aimee! $50

Next time you all see them in the gym, give them a HIGH FIVE they worked super hard and it paid off!

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