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One of the biggest things I have learned from these challenges is that Planning is SUPER helpful when you are first starting out. Some people will plan their meals for the day ahead or even a whole week ahead. This helps you know what to buy, how much, and makes it a no brainer when it is time to eat.

You do not have to spend hours cooking all weekend or during the week, if you don’t like that sort of thing. I find making bulk items helps piece together meals for being on the go, or just being at home. Typically I cook 2 different Proteins for the week. Chicken and Ground Turkey is this week, for example. I then choose 2-3 Carbs I’d like to have on rotation. So for example: White Rice, Sweet potatoes, and we love Taco night (So tortillas is our 3rd). For veggies when your starting out, use the same idea. Choose a few you actually like eating. If you are anti-veggie Power Greens or Spinach wilted in a pan with some oil and garlic does the trick. Takes a large portion and makes it look like nothing. I chose Zucchini, Mushrooms, Kale, and Tomatoes this week so far. We usually add in onion and cilantro etc, but you get the idea. From just those items you can make a few different bowls, or tacos, or twice baked potatoes. Just depends on how much time or effort you want to put towards that. KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Track everything you eat, yes, even that bite you took of your kids snack. It is something good to get an idea of how you eat in general. Some of you may find it hard to hit your Protein, others may go way over on their fats, or carbs. This first week is simply to get used to it. Ask those doing the challenge with you. There are a few who have done this before. Most of all just try, little changes add up over time.

Happy Eating!

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