About Us

CrossFit Pride started out as an idea of bringing this sport of fitness into the lives of all who were close to me.

I wanted to open a workout facility where all of us could enjoy our favorite sport, CrossFit. Through great programming and coaching your Coaches and I want to bring the best possible CrossFit experience to you. We all come from different backgrounds, education and experience but all share the same passion for CrossFit.

To us, CrossFit stands for determination, strength, perseverance and a better quality of life.

Its benefits include absolutely anyone who participates whether they have always been an athlete or are just beginning to find the athlete within themselves. The constantly varied, functional movements benefit children to the elderly to the most elite athletes.

CrossFit Pride offers CrossFit classes as well as personal training utilizing CrossFit methods. We hope to inspire people to find the strength and courage to be all that they desire to be and gain all they can from their commitment to their fitness and nutrition. Our focus at CrossFit Pride is quality coaching, result driven programming and nutrition at the base of it all, thereby meeting the needs and desires of each of our athletes.

Your Coaches share this passion and have a vision of bringing CrossFit and good nutrition into the lives of everyone who cross our paths. We believe in the sport of CrossFit and guarantee it will change your life for the better or your money back!

Lets get you started!

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