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You may be scratching your head, nutrition challenge now?!?! What about Thanksgiving? What
about the holidays? All the treats, the drinks…I can not commit to this now. But we believe
you can.

No one can force you to eat right and exercise, so you must use self-discipline. It’s not always easy, but you can improve your self-discipline with practice, just like you get better at CrossFit the more you train. 

A key to maintaining self-discipline is setting short- and long-term goals that are attainable. Like this nutrition challenge, short-term it is only 6 weeks, long-term it will help you to create a eating habit that becomes a lifestyle rather than a “diet”.

To keep your self-discipline strong, don’t stress over times when you give into temptation. If you did not meet all your numbers for the day or you enjoyed a holiday with out counting any food for the day, forgive yourself and don’t dwell on it. Instead, use these lapses to help you refocus on your goals again. Renew your motivation — you fell off the wagon but now it is time to jump back on and continue striving for your goal. 

With that said this is the PERFECT time to join a challenge and have focus and discipline during a busy and stressful time of year where parties and gatherings are happening often. With counting your macros you are not limited to what you can and can not eat, so you are able to go to parties and enjoy the food and drinks rather than stand in the corner awkwardly eating a carrot and drinking your bottle of water. We are here to help YOU, along with the other participants in this challenge!



Macro based diet

Benefit 1: You will be more likely to stick to your diet.

Most people break their diet because they feel too restricted. With counting macros, you can make room for a few squares of chocolate, a cheeseburger or an ice cream sundae in your diet and still reach your fitness goals.

Benefit 2: You can still go out with friends and enjoy a meal.

Trying to stay on a strict diet and having a social life can be difficult.  With most diets your choices are to either restrict what you eat when you go out, don’t eat at all, or even more embarrassing, bring your own prepared food from home. With counting macros, all you need to do is track what you eat while you’re out or even better, plan ahead. Most restaurants post the nutritional value of their menu online.

Benefit 3: Meal prep doesn’t take as much time.

Many traditional dieters spend hours each week prepping meals. Now that no food is off limits, you have a lot more flexibility in what you can eat. People who count macros fill their kitchen with a wide variety of nutritious foods and a few of their favorite treats.

Benefit 4: You will become more educated about food.

One of the biggest benefits of counting macros is getting more educated about food. As you track your daily diet in your app or food diary, you will learn about the nutritional content of your favorite meals. It may surprise to you learn what little nutritional value some foods contain. While you may not need to track your daily diet for life, you will learn how to make better food choices. In the end, knowledge is power.

Benefit 5: Improved performance in the gym.

My favorite benefit of counting macros is how much it positively affects your performance in the gym. Clients get new personal records often,  have a significant amount more energy and do not crash mid workout.  Most people who count macros claim that they are “allowed” more carbs than they were accustom to and in return fuels them really well and the results speak for themselves.

Benefit 6: It works!

Science and many, many success stories have shown that counting macros works. When done right, you can achieve your weight loss or muscle gain goals. All it takes is a little guidance.


Quality is important when striving to achieve a goal. There is a balance you need to strike between eating clean and eating what you like in order to ensure that you can stick with this diet for the rest of your life without having to make too many sacrifices.

Focus on the process of improving certain aspects and start to form good habits.

Putting pressure on yourself to make your nutrition perfect can cause added stress. Constantly thinking about food or what to cook at your next meal can be unhealthy. Remember stress is both good and bad. Without stressing the body we cannot expect it to adapt. However we want to minimize the unnecessary stress in our life. Nobody can eat perfectly all the time, and what is the perfect nutrition plan anyway?! There is no end goal with perfection. If you break it down and focus on progression, then you will actually achieve things. This will led to increased motivation as you make progress that eventually leads to a better, more awesome you!

How it will work:

Buy-in is $45 ($1 a day)

45 day challenge starts Tuesday Nov. 7- Friday Dec. 22

Needed: Your payment Cash or Check, your weight and measurements will be taken Nov.7 and no later than Nov.10 Before and After pictures will be submitted as well (we can take those or you can send them) 

This challenge we will also be incorporating a points system along with recording your food, you will have this additional point system to help you stay on track and a reason to keep yourself accountable because you will want to earn the most points you can. In the end your points, your progress and your challenge WOD improvement will determine the winner! 

Points- The idea behind the point system is if you are getting the max number of points a day then it should absolutely help you be successful, as long as your nutrition goals are aggressive enough to elicit weight loss. This will help you stay accountable and help create some more competition in our group!

Sleep 7 + hours of sleep is required

Vegetable intake 1-2 servings of veggies within 2 of your meals per day (no lettuce is not a veggie)

Water intake 110/75 oz per day

Macros + or – 5 for all 3 categories (protein, carb & fat)

WOD working out at the gym, mulitple WODs will still only receive 1 point

PRs any personal records achieved you will gain an extra point that day for these

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